Animation – not for kids, Poland

The activity was tested on a group of 5 people – 4 women and 1 man, all retired but still very keen on learning new things, especially those using their creativity. The participants were supported by two volunteers – 11 years old Dominik and 19 years old Julita.

The general objective of the workshops was to wake learners’ creativity and raise their self-esteem by teaching them what seems to be reserved to professionals only – filmmaking. Use of electronic devices in the process – cameras and computers, was intended to help overcome fear of and aversion to computers that is common at older age.

The filmmakers met four times, altogether for about 9 hours, and made 4 stop-motion films (click on the title to see the film):

The most important conclusion after the workshops is that there is a huge need to continue and try new things, so next time they will learn photomontage.