Search for a culture event / Book and pay for a culture event, Czech Republic

The pilot test of two activities was carried out in May 2017. In total 12 people participated in the workshops, all aged 60+. Their ICT skills can be graded as basic/intermediate. The content of the training was based on stories related to real live, the participants were supported by one trainer and one assistant.

The objectives of the activities were:

  • to search for information on the Internet and work with tools which help with searching, showing more ways and paths how to find particular information (result of searching),
  • to book and eventually buy the tickets for the culture event.

After the training the participants were provided with an on-line presentation with all the information they learned during the lecture. In case they have any doubt or don’t remember something they can open the presentation and find the information.

The overall feedback was very positive and the participants were interested in follow-up activities. They mainly appreciated that the lecture was oriented practically, linked with everyday activities.


Participants aged 60+ have specific needs: individual support and approach, avoiding too professional terminology, repeating and practicing, a patient trainer, training oriented practically, an experienced lecturer.

In order to ensure the individual approach, it is recommended to hold the training with two lecturers (one main lecturer and one assistant). During lessons, it is also important to give participants the opportunity to share their experience, provide enough space for questions and resolving doubts.