Social togetherness / Seek and find, Sweden

The pilot test of these two activities was done with two different groups – seniors and seniors with disability. Institutions involved were Koncensus and Chripu.

The discussion about digital skills with a cultural topic and the testing was done in May 2017 at Folkuniversitetet in Kristianstad.

“Social togetherness” is about learning to create a Facebook account and using it for communication. “Seek and find” teaches to seek information about culture and cultural events on the Internet, as well as presenting this information by means of PowerPoint.

Methodology used was group activities and discussions about the project and how different digital equipment and programs can be used. The feedback given from those two groups will be used for further development of the material. The objectives of the pilot test was to go through the two activities and present the project, and also to have a discussion about learning digital skills.

Here’s a short film: