Rogaška Slatina / Slovenia, April 6th-7th, 2017

Our third meeting took place in the beginning of April, when we took a deeper breath after the long, seeming like never-ending winter. Rogaška Slatina with its mineral springs, green heights and clean air was a great place to get a fresh look at the project and next steps to take towards the successful implementation.

The main subject of the meeting was “activities addressed to adults 50+, examples and good practices” so the agenda was structured accordingly. The first day of the visit to Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina started with a presentation of the institution and its people. Then we met a group of adult learners and took part in an English class where a very attractive tool was used as a teaching aid – a free game-based learning platform called Kahoot. By playing together we could learn about Slovenia and countries of other partners, all in English, using tablets and smartphones, we also trained our reflexes, trying hard to win the competition.

In the afternoon Pegazov dom – a house for the elderly – invited us to see what they do, how they do it, what kind of activities they offer to their inmates. It was a great opportunity to realize what kind of obstacles the elderly encounter and how the teaching process should be modified to meet their needs.

The next day started with the working session where we had a discussion about the next steps we have to take in the project – shape of the activities and workshops to test them. The testing will be carried out in each partner country separately, after that the activities will acquire their final shape and will be put in one catalogue, available online.

Our visit to Slovenia ended in Olimje, a beautifully located settlement with an old castle, now monastery, where monks established a herbal apothecary and produce natural medicines and cosmetics. Judging by the interest their products aroused in us, we will be all beautiful and healthy at our next meeting – in Prague in June 😉

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