Ełckie Centrum Kultury (ECK) is the biggest and oldest culture institution in Ełk District, established on the basis of the Inter-Enterprise Clubroom founded in 1949, subsequently transformed into a culture house. According to its statute ECK carries out tasks in the field of cultural education, education through art and promotion of culture and arts.

Cultural education and animation are carried out in various fields and on numerous levels – the cinema offer regular film education for all age groups, there are two regular theatre groups – 30 Minutes Theatre and Ełk Dance Theatre, using talents of non-professional actors, special interest is given to traditional dance and music. ECK exhibition rooms present Polish and world art.

One of ECK departments is an amateur art school offering a wide selection of workshops for all age groups, covering many channels of artistic expression: painting, drawing, architecture, ceramics, model-making, music or use of new technologies.
ECK also organizes a wide range of cultural events – concerts, festivals and theatre spectacles.

Presentation of the organisation

Ełckie Centrum Kultury
ul. Wojska Polskiego 47
19-300 Ełk / Poland
(+48) 87 621 80 00


Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. It is an association of five foundations: the university extensions attached to the Universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, Lund and Umeå. Folkuniversitetet have a broad open educational program in a variety of subjects; they also run upper secondary schools, schools in higher vocational education, courses for seniors and training, labour market education and further education and training for working life.
Folkuniversitetet is independent of all political, religious and commercial interests.

International cooperation, pedagogic development, democracy and focus on the individual are central values for Folkuniversitetet. It has given important contributions to development of Swedish education and training, for example evening gymnasiums, language centres, Swedish for immigrants, college and ICT-based education. Visions and ideas for better learning methods are developed and tested in project groups, often in international cooperation. Coaching, mentorship, validation, entrepreneurship, learning in working life, empowerment and active guidance based on individual needs are examples of areas the organization is developing and implementing.

Presentation of the organisation

Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen vid Lunds Universitet
Föreningsgatan 1
291 33 Kristianstad / Szwecja
(+46) 44 20 76 40


The Cultural Association VIAINDUSTRIAE is working in a fragile zone in the middle of Italy in marginalized areas with many social strains (isolation, drugs, unemployment, and racial integration). In this context the association is trying to promote several socio-cultural project with artistic/creative methods. It applies a participatory process as basic approach the public sphere, to involve the community. Concerning the landscape and the territory, the Association has been conducting for years different recovery and regeneration projects using the artistic/creative approach in the abandoned rural and mountain places, eroded by depopulation.

The Association proposes educational paths with activities addressed to the social disadvantage, to inhabitants, workers, artists especially for young/elderly people, precarious citizens, migrants, disabled people.

The Association collaborates with many other local associations, Italian institutions and European cultural spaces with the idea that each project is an important tool of cultural synergy and transmission. VIAINDUSTRIAE is also a publishing house, working on various publications with sociological aspects, living archives and research.

Via delle Industrie 9
06034 Foligno / Italy
(+39) 0742 67314

GLAFKA S.R.O. / Czech Republic

GLAFKA s.r.o. is Czech based educational and consulting institution located in Prague, focusing on knowledge and innovation transfer in a field of lifelong learning and further education; labour market and entrepreneurship; teaching and training methods and technologies.

Their focus is on empowerment of disadvantaged groups, including 50+, NEETs or lost generation, women after maternity leave and handicapped people. GLAFKA’s main aims include increasing employability of target groups, strengthening the cooperation between schools and companies, bridging the gaps between generations, genders and nations as well participating in activities friendly to the environment and sustainable development.

GLAFKA s.r.o. is “young” institution with “mature” human resources. The team members have expertise in fields of education and pedagogy, IT, economy, sociology and philology and long lasting experience with EU project implementation.

The organization also dispose of contact network covering subjects from different areas like training centres, schools, SME associations, NGOs, coworking and community centres, labour offices, municipalities, entrepreneurs groups and others.

Presentation of the organisation

Glafka s.r.o.
Hulanova 1387/3
104 00 Prague / Czech Republic


ACCC aims to satisfy cultural, educational and social needs of people of all age groups in the local community, by organizing amateur and professional art events, providing a variety of cultural and entertainment services, and fostering ethnic culture and amateur art.

Seeking to implement these goals ACCC executes artistic creativity projects, creative exchange programmes, cooperates with local and international foundations, cultural and arts organizations, initiates the most relevant cultural and artistic forms presentations, prepares cultural educational programs for children, youth and adults, promotes artistic activities, gathers different genres amateur art groups and individuals.

ACCC also organizes events where various educational programs are presented to local community of all age groups. There is a retired people association and Third Age University in Alytus city and ACCC collaborates closely with them.

Presentation of the organisation

Alytaus Kultūros ir Komunikacijos Centras
Pramonės g. 1B
LT-62175 Alytus / Lithuania
(+370) 315 77480


Ljudska Univerza Rogaška Slatina has been a non-profit adult education and training provider for the community in the local region and wider for more than 56 years. During this period they have been covering 10 formal educational programmes that include both secondary schools and vocational training programmes (such as catering, cookery, sales, economy, childcare, transport, tourism).

The organization has offered numerous educational programmes in accordance with the needs and desires of the adult population for further training and education. The field of informal education is covered by providing various seminars, courses, lectures, literary evenings and many more.

Ljudska Univerza Rogaška Slatina also offers other forms of training, such as personal growth programmes, computer courses for the unemployed and elderly, language or accounting courses. They organized training programmes for educationally and didactically deprived groups of adults, such as immigrants, the unemployed and foreigners.

Ljudska Univerza Rogaška Slatina also runs a University for Third Life Period, where they offer various lifelong learning activities to people over 55 (e.g. language, computer literacy courses, study groups, healthy lifestyle activities and other).

Presentation of the organisation

Ljudska Univerza Rogaška Slatina
Celjska cesta 3
3250 Rogaška Slatina / Slovenia
(+386) 3 818 24 40